Talking about the history of tattooing

Hailing from a family of artists and history enthusiasts, Miggl developed a keen interest in painting, particularly prehistoric cave paintings and petroglyphs from diverse cultures.

Over the years, he delved into extensive research in this field.

His recent endeavors have led him to gather information about the history of tattooing, tracing its origins back to the Stone Age.

As an esteemed expert, Miggl is frequently invited to speak at various museums, sharing his profound knowledge of this captivating subject.

When did this tattoo thing start?

Miggl’s tattooing journey commenced in 2018 after mastering the art at Ironhorse-Tattoo in Maintal, Germany.

Since then, he has been creating his unique interpretations of Stone Age art, petroglyphs, and historical artifacts.

Inspired by the cave paintings left by our ancestors, Miggl has developed his signature style, skillfully translating cave art onto the skin, capturing its essence through simple dots.

His repertoire encompasses reinterpretations of ancestral paintings, intricate Norse serpents, all rendered in his distinctive style.


WaWeih Ink, a tattoo collective established in 2021, aims to revive the ancient art of hand-applied tattooing.

Just as our ancestors did, each tattoo is meticulously crafted by hand, without the aid of computers or digital tools. Often, designs are created directly on the skin, without the need for reference images. In honor of each individual’s unique identity, Miggl meticulously designs every tattoo to harmonize with the flow of each person’s body.

Employing the same bare-handed technique as our ancestors, WaWeih Ink fosters a deeper connection between the art and its ancient origins.

Underpinning WaWeih Ink’s philosophy is a simple yet profound principle:

Every tattoo, regardless of its size or complexity, is a sacred ritual that deserves to be treated with utmost respect.

Whether it’s a delicate deer or an elaborate magical stave, the collective’s dedicated members ensure that each client embarks on a meaningful journey of personal expression through their sacred markings.

What means collective?

In the context of tattooing, a collective refers to a group of artists and individuals who come together to create a tattoo experience that goes beyond the mere application of ink to skin. It encompasses the entire process, from the initial concept and design to the ritualistic execution and the integration of the tattoo into the individual’s life.

The ritual’s spiritual dimension is carefully considered, incorporating incense to cleanse the space and enhance awareness. When outdoors, Petra joins Miggl in the ceremonial burning of incense.

Music and drumming play a significant role in creating an atmosphere of tranquility and connection. During outdoor sessions, Thilo and/or Petra often beat shaman drums to establish a safe space and guide the participants through a calming rhythm.

By combining artistic expertise with spiritual guidance and a focus on creating a serene environment, WaWeih Ink elevates the tattoo experience to a transformative journey of self-expression and personal growth.

 What is the Deer Army?

Miggl harbors a deep affinity for deer, as evidenced by his extensive collection of deer tattoo designs.

Those who resonate with his interpretation of these majestic creatures often become part of the “Deer Army.”

Petroglyph / Norse style

Inspired by Bronze Age petroglyphs, Miggl has developed a distinct style that transcends rigid stylistic boundaries.

He seamlessly blends Norse symbolism with his personal artistic vision, creating unique pieces that harmonize with the individual’s flow.

While there’s no definitive evidence of Viking tattoos, Miggl’s Norse-inspired designs capture the essence of their spirit and mythology.


Miggl’s repertoire extends to magical symbols, including those associated with rune magic, a practice rooted in research and knowledge.

The connection to ancestors plays a pivotal role in his work, particularly during rune-based rituals.


Every tattoo that Miggl creates is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

He takes pride in the originality of his designs, ensuring that each client receives a truly personalized and meaningful piece.

The Pack

Behind the scenes of WaWeih Ink stands a dedicated team of individuals who contribute their expertise to the collective’s success.

Chris and Fuchs capture the essence of WaWeih’s artistry through their stunning photography, showcasing the collective’s work to a global audience.

Deniz masterminds the digital realm, ensuring that WaWeih’s presence extends far beyond the tattoo studio, bringing their unique style and philosophy to the wider world.

Steve, a regular fixture at WaWeih Ink, plays a crucial role in preparing the ritualistic aspects of the tattooing experience, guiding clients through a process of introspection and readiness for their sacred marking.

These are just a few of the invaluable members of the WaWeih collective, each contributing their unique talents to the collective’s mission of creating meaningful and transformative tattoo experiences.