mother with child

This delicate design features two reindeer, rendered in my signature cave-painting style. The simplicity of dots transforms into a graceful and harmonious composition.

The placement of these two simplified critters complements the natural flow of the body, creating a visually pleasing arrangement.

Interspersed among the reindeer are dots, a recurring motif in cave paintings. Recent research suggests that these dots, when interpreted as lunar months, align with the reindeer’s breeding season. In this particular design, the dot between the antlers subtly represents the reindeer’s birthing time as well.

These two adorable creatures proudly join the ranks of the Deer Army.

Please note that the images included are unfiltered, showcasing the design in its original state, both fresh and healed.

My insecurity about my tattoo virginity was quickly taken away. There were several ideas but in the end it proved, my first feeling for the motif to be right.

I had enough time to listen into myself and ask all the questions. When I showed up for the appointment I was very excited, but was guided through the process with a lot of kindness and calmness.

It was a special experience and I am absolutely happy with the outcome. Thank you so much for the great experience, I believe we will see each other again.


warrior of the otter

This is a beautiful and meaningful bronze age ornamental sleeve tattoo.
The main inspiration for the stacked pattern comes from the golden hats found in middle Europe, which may have symbolized a calendrical system.
One pattern ring shows otters, which are taken from the Kivik King’s grave in Sweden.

To finish the arm off, I took inspiration from the various spiral findings throughout the centuries, all the way dating back to the stone age.

The deer represent the circle of life, one band symbolizing the ocean, a ring of shields for protection and much more.

There is a deep meaning behind the composition of this arm, and the one otter who is different and going against the tide is a particularly interesting detail.

This amazing project was done completely freehand to flow with the body and inked in two continuous days.

These are fresh pictures without a filter, just taken right after the session.

My experience with WaWeih. What can I say?
I was often tattooed by Miggl and it was always a pleasure!
Admittedly, with the other tattoos I even fell asleep…

The sleeve has demanded a lot from me but it was to handle because miggl has taken extensive time to allow me breaks.
Besides asking a hundred times about my condition, there were also funny conversations.

In short it was a wonderful experience
10/10 would and will let me beautify again by him!


light and darkness

This captivating design depicts the celestial dance between the sun and the moon, rendered in a harmonious blend of my lighter dotwork and bolder petroglyph-inspired techniques.

The sunbeams radiate outwards, inspired by a rock carving from the renowned Tanumshede site in Sweden. Intriguingly, these rays can also be interpreted as figures engaged in joyful celebration.

The moon, adorned with concentric circles, symbolizes its ever-changing phases. Scattered around it are smaller dots representing the twinkling stars, adding a touch of celestial brilliance to the composition.

Despite its seemingly simple appearance, this piece carries profound symbolism, reflecting the delicate balance between light and darkness, day and night.

Please note that the images included are unfiltered, showcasing the design in its original state, both fresh and healed.

From the design to the finished tattoo I was very well taken care of.

Miggl has a good eye for how to place the motifs exactly so that they can unfold their full beauty.

Hygiene also top, I can only recommend. Gladly again!



This powerful tattoo depicts the epic battle between Jormungandr, the mythical Midgard serpent, and ammonites, ancient marine creatures. The design seamlessly blends the signature petroglyphic style with intricate Norse knotwork, creating a visually striking and symbolically rich composition.

My interpretation of Jormungandr draws inspiration from various Norse artistic traditions, capturing the serpent’s formidable presence and mythical significance.

The ammonites, with their spiral patterns, represent sea creatures and symbolize the cyclical nature of life and the interconnectedness of all things.

Additional to the protective symbolism often associated with dragons, the battle between Jormungandr and the “Proto-Norse” creatures symbolizes the ongoing struggle between the past and the future, and the delicate balance between the earth and its inhabitants.

Such intricate designs are best executed freehand, allowing the tattoo to flow naturally with the curves of the body. The large scale of the piece further enhances its impact and visual appeal.

As always, the images included are unfiltered, showcasing the design in its original state, both healed.

My biggest piece so far. And a great addition to my other ocean themed tattoos (also poked by Miggl). When he showed me the wanna-do I was impressed instantly.

I had to be the lucky one to get it inked. I mean, what an awesome idea! The mighty midgard serpent entangled with some ammonites combined with the intricate knotwork within the serpentine body and the tentacles of the Nautiloids

Applying the design to a real body proved somewhat challenging. But Miggl found a great solution and confirmed his skill by just partly using a stencil and doing the rest freehand.

As always – a ritual from the first poke to the last.